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I have a Sun DLT 7000 scsi tape drive I use it for backups on Micro Vax 3100 and 4000 systems.

I have just found a need to backup an windows xp system. The system has an Adaptec 2940w card that has a hd68pin ex connector with the drive on this card windows device manager finds it with an ?.
I have not been able to find a driver for it.

I also have a Adaptec 29320LP card in the system it has an .8mm Lvd connector when I use a .8mm to hd 68pin cable the sun is shown in startup SCSI for 29320. but not in windows and it is disabling to scsi hd drives on the same card but there address 1 and 2 and the DLT is address 4. dose anyone know if the the DLT is ultra 320 or can it work on the 2940w card which is a wide card. or do I need a new card. and also where can I find a XP driver for the the tape drive. thanks Alan

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Try this for your "Adaptec 2940w" drivers....

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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You can get the Specifications for the SUN Tape Drive here

by OH Smeg In reply to SCSI SUN DLT 7000 (QUANTU ...

It's a PDF File that may be useful to you.

As this is a rebadged Quantum Drive it is a Wide SCSI Drive and Quantum has this site available to download items for this drive it may be of use. However as it is a Sun Product Quantum may have a Different firmware version made so that this drive fails to work with Windows.


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