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SCSI Tape drive & termination

By MBR2 ·
I am installing a Sony DDS3 tape drive in my server which has a hard drive
and two Cd-Rom's installed now. I know I need to terminate the tape drive
so my questions are:

1. I am assuming my hard drive is #1 on the bus and the CD Rom's are
#2 and #3. I will need to disable the termination on the last CD Rom.

2. Is it standard for each of the CD Rom's to have the jumpers set different
for each Cd Rom?

3. If I just disable the termination of the #3 CD Rom on the bus, and add
the tape drive with the jumpers set for it to be terminated since it will then
be the last device on the bus, will the #2 CD-Rom's jumper setting need to be changed at all?

4. Does the placement of the tape drive on the bus affect the speed of the hard drive or the CD Rom's ?

These are just generic questions and I know I will have to check my documentation, (which I am currently trying to dwonload),

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SCSI Tape drive & termination

by Slogmeister In reply to SCSI Tape drive & termina ...

Remember rule #1: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Typically, tape drives do not come with termination capability - EVEN THOUGH THEY SAY SO! I have found that it doesn't work. The easiest way to do this, is to simply insert the tape drive in the middle of your SCSI chain maintaining your current termination scheme, which, I assume, is working.

So, #1: Don't make the tape drive the last device.
#2: Yes, they all must have different id numbers. Their location on the bus
does not determine their ID.

#3: If you un-terminate what is currently the last item on the bus, and add
another item to the end, yes, you must terminate that item because it is the last. All other devices remain unaffected.

#4: No, that is an IDE thing.

- Jason

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SCSI Tape drive & termination

by MBR2 In reply to SCSI Tape drive & termina ...

So basically I should not terminate the tape
drive and just stick it in between CD Rom#2
and CD Rom#3, if CD Rom #3 is the last on the bus and is termintaed. By doing this
I will eliminate the need to terminate any of the devices because the CD Rom is already terminated. But by doing this I will need to set the jumpers for the tape drive to be ID#3 on the bus and then change the jumpers
on the #3 CD Rom to be ID#4. Am I correct in
assuming this? Also, my tape drive says it
can be terminated, but I should not even consider making the tape drive the last device in the chain because it will not terminate correctly, thus possibly casuing more problems with the other devices, i.e.
cd-rom's and hard drive, am I correct?

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