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scsi-to raid1 on a boot drive, possible?

By dale ·

We currently have a dual processor P3, machine with a supermicro mainboard (MB-370DL-3) which has an integrated Adaptec AIC 7892 U160 scsi with AIC- 3860 legacy transceiver. Running windows 2000 server, SP3, 512 meg ram, (1) IBM 18.2 gb U160 scsi drive which handles the boot sector, windows and a few misc. directories, a promise ata 100 ide raid card, which has an ide raid 1 for our storage on the server (2 IDE West Dig. 7200 rpm 20gb drives). Our current onboard scsi chipset does not offer raid support, nor does the motherboard have an additional raid header. So an add on card is required, I was looking at getting the 2100S scsi adapter. This 18.2gb U160 scsi drive is the main drive for our server, I am looking into purchasing and additional drive and placing this in a raid 1 setup for redundancy. My main question is, will this affect anything in windows being that this is the boot drive? I have not done this before, and I am worried that it might cause some headaches in windows being that it is the boot drive, as well as the main windows drive. Are there any major problems that can occur? Does this sound like a viable solution, or is there another way to go about accomplishing redundancy? I would appreciate any inputanyone may have into our situation at hand. Thank you for your time.

Dale Clark

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scsi-to raid1 on a boot drive, possible?

by tduval In reply to scsi-to raid1 on a boot d ...

With a Nt server, you can always make a logical raid 1 disk. Just look at disk manager, mirroring. Only need a (quite) identical scsi drive in spare.

All write commands will be (a little bit)slowered, all read command will go (a little bit) faster.

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scsi-to raid1 on a boot drive, possible?

by csmith In reply to scsi-to raid1 on a boot d ...

Win2K srv is not going to have any problems booting on RAID 1.
The BIOS on the 370DL-3 should transfer at the end of POST routine to the 2100S, without problem, to load the OS.
If it doesn't, move the 2100S to the first or second slot on the MB.
And, as usual, backup before you do this.
Regards, Chris

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by wlbowers In reply to scsi-to raid1 on a boot d ...

You will have no problems with Windows and a mirroring setup.

As said the drives need to be the same.

Once installed and booted you will build your mirror. During the mirror process you might see some slowdown in accessing the server.

This is usually the minimum I will suggest to a customer for redundency.

Good Luck Lee

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