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    Scythe Ninja 4 or 5 CPU Cooler socket compatibility


    by adamsmith2001 ·

    Does anyone know if the Scythe Ninja models 4 or 5 aftermarket CPU coolers would be compatible or incompatible with the newer AM5 socket for Ryzen CPUs and most newer AMD motherboards that use the Ryzen 7000 series like the 7950x for example? Someone was telling me that this Scythe cooler might not actually clamp down onto the newer CPUs and actually stay in place because the AM5 socket has a backplate on the bottom of the motherboard that is unable to be removed. Is that an accurate statement to make though or do you all think that the AM5 socket plate is actually able to be unscrewed from the bottom of a motherboard to accommodate this cooler?

    I did a lot of google searching and even watched a few YouTube videos but I couldn’t really find a clear answer to this question because many people have either just never owned this cooler or they just don’t make any review videos about it now telling others if it will actually fit with the AM5 socket CPUs. So I just decided to ask you all this question because I wouldn’t want to end up buying the cpu and mobo first if this cooler ends up being incompatible with it.

    I also just wanted to know if the Scythe Ninja 4 or 5 coolers are compatible with intels LGA1700 socket as well. Overall, I am still pretty much undecided if im buying the Ryzen 7950x or if im getting the intel 13900KS instead for a new build that I’ll be doing very soon. So any information helps about possible compatibility issues with this cooler, thanks.

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      by birdmantd ·

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      You may get some opinions from some members here, but why not ask the cooler manufacturer directly? It’s not up to the motherboard manufacturer to answer that question.

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