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    SD card


    by paul bisceglia ·

    micro SD card error. Took drone video footage, then put it into my SD reader. I looked at some footage, then left it in the reader and shut down the PC. The next day, the reader said that I needed to format the card. I have been using TestDisk to try to recover or fix the card, but not having any luck. I could just reformat the card, but I want to save footage if possible. Any suggestions?


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      You might try……

      by birdmantd ·

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      using a different card reader. If you don’t have another card reader, try it on a friend’s computer instead. Good luck. Afraid I don’t know why you are getting the error but SD cards can go bad from time to time.

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        I did try…

        by paul bisceglia ·

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        Yes, I did try another card reader and another PC. The problem, I have read, is that for some reason the boot sector is corrupt and cannot recognize the SD card. I have tried TestDisk and am now trying iCare data recovery (free version). If these don’t help me, I will just have to reformat and take more video. Thanks for your advice.

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          Bit the bullet…

          by paul bisceglia ·

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          Reformatted the sd card. now, to see if it will record and allow to read.

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      Try to recover first

      by greenaffiliates ·

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      Try to recover first before anything else.

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        tried recovering

        by paul bisceglia ·

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        SD information on my 256gb SD card could not be recovered. I downloaded different software to try to recover files. None of them worked. The info on the card, though somewhat important, was not that important to jump through these hoops to get it back. After reformatting card, and doing a full format (not a quick format), the card was still intermittent in when or what it would capture. Sometimes the card would not read in a device (drone), sometimes it would. The unreliability of this card was not worth the risk of losing other information in the future. Not sure if I should just chuck it, or keep it around. It’s a crap shoot if I keep it.

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