SD Card Reader not visible

By invicta1100 ·
My SD card reader is now not visible in My Computer. Device Manager displays it and reports it is working properly.
I can disconnect it, and device manager reports that, and it is recognized when reconnected.
However, it is not visible, like it used to be, in My Computer.
Since this makes it impossible to use, is there a way to fix this?

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Check mapped drives

by PammiePi In reply to SD Card Reader not visibl ...

There may be a drive letter assignment conflict. If you have any mapped drives, check to see they are not assigned the same drive letter as your SD card reader.

If that is the problem then you can use Disk Management (Start -> Run -> diskmgmt.msc ) to change the drive letter for your card reader. It should remember the new drive letter you assign for it next time too.

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try diff. USB port

by ashij In reply to Check mapped drives

Also, Windows has a very peculiar way of doing things. Try using a different USB port if you have one. If the SD Card company has a special driver, make sure you update to it from the Device Manager.


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Device Manager Memory Technology Driver

by invicta1100 In reply to Check mapped drives

I checked device manager and the Memory Technology driver was marked with an X since it was disabled. I reenabled it, and the card reader started working again.
Since this is an Acer laptop, there is no apparent way to change any USB or driver letter assignments, but it would be helpful to know how the driver was disabled and why.
Also, it reads SD cards, but not SHDC ones, and Acer tech support can't help.

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SDHC driver

by invicta1100 In reply to Device Manager Memory Tec ...
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Ah...compatibility issue

by PammiePi In reply to SDHC driver

There seem to be a lot of posts relating to this subject.

Yes, there is apparently a compatibility issue between older card readers (& new ones in my case) & the higher density 2G+ & SDHC cards which are fixed by an update.

I didn't realize the card reader not showing in my computer was one of the symptoms. Good to know. Glad you found your solution! :-)

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does this really work and how do i use it?

by minty208 In reply to SDHC driver

does this really work and how do i use it? how doi only select the one i need? to update i mean!?

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Reponse To Answer

by adoch In reply to Check mapped drives

I had the same problem on a 3 month old Acer laptop. After phoning support and being told I had all kinds of viruses and being pressured to buy a $230 antivirus program, I hung up in disgust and went to their website to file a complaint. While there I checked for drivers and lo and behold found one for a SD card, installed it and Bingo card reader is now working! About those viruses, I have had MSE running since I bought the laptop and the tech made his diagnosis while looking at a log of events and I'm pretty sure he was away off base because I checked out some of those 'events' and they were a variety of things that could have triggered them, included operator errors. I'll have to wait and see but other than not having a functioning sd card installed and some problems connecting to my printer on a network, everything else seemed to be working fine. So my recommendation would be just to go to your manufacturer's site and look for a SD Card Driver. Good Luck!

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