SD card reader

By motek0844 ·
I am unable to have my system reading the SD card. Nor does that little window of Microsoft come up where I had choices for what I wanted to do. Expl: dowlnload CD Picture or so on. Nothing is coming up no longer. How do I restore that drive or File as it may be called.
Please when you explain don't be to technical in lingo I am a plain jane compueter dummy.

But I think you be able to help out.

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Have you checked

by seanferd In reply to SD card reader

in Explorer? If you double-click on My Computer and get it to show all your drives, does it show up there? Double click the SD card in that list to show you its contents.

Because if you get Windows Updates, Autorun (the thing that either automatically shows what is on the card or CD, and pops up that list) may be disabled, for security reasons.

If it does not show up in Explorer, please post back. Let us know if the SD card reader slot shows up in Explorer at all.

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Also let us know if the SC Card Reader

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have you checked

Is a Part o the computer or if it is a Plug In USB Device.

if it is the plug in USB Type it is possible that the Card Reader has failed. So have you checked in on another computer?


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by motek0844 In reply to Have you checked

it show the drives but none saying specific card Reader it does show CD drive and the rest like e, , h and so on.
Still don't know what to do because before I simply put the SD reader in the drive and vola up came that which I wanted to do. NOW NO>

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It might be that your reader is bad.

by Ron K. In reply to SD card reader

In Control Panel, in Classic view, go to System|Hardware|Device Manager and see if your SD reader is active and supposedly working. If it is and wiggling your SD card in the slot doesn't open that window it may be time to bite the bullet and drop 15 bucks on a new internal reader or go with a 5 dollar USB external reader.

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Help RON

by motek0844 In reply to It might be that your rea ...

I done your suggested but where there do I find the SD card /internal reader? I am not an expert only a senior who tried to work thing out myself.
Please could you tell me where to click on. I would copy it over but don't even know about that. Thank you.

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Follow these steps.

by Ron K. In reply to Help RON

Go to Start|Control Panel, (in Classic view) then go to System|Hardware|Device Manager. <br>

Look for Disk drives. It'll look like this: <br>
You see that I have 3 drives disabled because I don't use them. Your SD card drive shouldn't have a red 'X' on it. If you can't see an SD card drive, similar to mine, something is wrong.

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SD reader.

by motek0844 In reply to Follow these steps.

Ok I shall do this btw Big time thank you.

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Done and here is what

by motek0844 In reply to Follow these steps.

followed your steps and this is listed under Disk Drives:

Generic USB CF Reader USB
" " " MS " "
" " SD " "
" " SM " "

last one listed is :

would this help you to tell me if it is listed? I have no such as you wrote unless it is somewhere else where i have no idea it is located in such instance.
Thank you Ron.

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The SD 'drive' is your card reader.

by Ron K. In reply to Done and here is what

One logical step that oldbaritone hit on that I didn't think of earlier is that it may be that your SD card has bitten the dust. If you have another one, known to be good, try it. If the reader won't read any SD card do as oldbaritone suggests. <br>
I've always just pulled out the card without problems but try what he suggests.<br>
If that doesn't work try this:<br>
In Device Manager right click on the SD drive and choose to uninstall it. Then go to Action on the menu bar and choose to scan for hardware changes. It should find the SD card drive and reinstall the driver for it. If not, I'd say that the drive is faulty and it's time for a new one. <br>

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"Eject", not "Safely Remove Device"

by oldbaritone In reply to SD card reader

When you remove an SD card, right-click the drive icon and "Eject." Don't use the "Safely Remove Hardware" function.

Eject will close files and allow you to remove the SD card, but if you "Safely Remove Hardware" it shuts the SD card reader down completely, expecting you are going to unplug it from the USB. After Remove, you will need to reboot the computer to get it running again.

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