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    SD Cards


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    I have just recently got a Meberry 6 Tablet,i just wonder if any one could tell me what is the largest SD card i could use with it to boost the memory,Thank you

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      Keep in mind that the technical specifications should tell you what the maximum capacity of the the SD card is supported by it. It is possible that there may be a larger SD card than supported by the tablet.

      The best that I can determine, the tablet supports up to 128 Gb of storage. For further clarification, reach out to the manufacturer directly.

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      by akhiyanijaip ·

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      The maximum supported size of the SD card for your Meberry 6 Tablet depends on the specifications of the device and the Android version it is running.

      After doing some research, I couldn’t find a specific maximum supported SD card size for the Meberry 6 Tablet. However, most Android devices support SD cards up to 2TB (terabytes), although these high-capacity SD cards can be quite expensive.

      It’s always a good idea to check the device specifications and documentation provided with your Meberry 6 Tablet to confirm the maximum supported SD card size. Additionally, some Android devices have limitations on the type or class of SD cards that can be used. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you choose an SD card that is compatible with your device.

      In any case, you should be able to use a reasonably large SD card with your tablet to boost the available storage space.

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