Seagate 1.5 TB external HD

By mommeeof10 ·
My helpful children knocked it off the desk. It now will not spin up, just makes a beeping noise every few seconds. I see from the seagate forums this is an issue even with HD that have not been knocked around. From what I have gathered from my research, it could be either the moter or the controller, as the beeps are indicative of the hd trying to spin up. I have removed it rom the case and installed it in another vista desktop, same beeping noise. I would just buy another, different brand, but my daughter moved all the family photos for the last 5 yrs off her laptop onto this drive. Any clue what I could try to get it working one more time, so I could retrieve all the photots? Then I will buy a few smaller drives and make redundant back-ups.

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ontrack data recovery

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As the Drive is not working anyway

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Seagate 1.5 TB external H ...

You are really screwed.

The question here is How Valuable are these Photos to you?

I would suggest a Data Recovery Specialist and On Track is the best of these that I have ever dealt with but they are not cheap. Here they charge for a Quote with an idea of just how much that they can recover and when you give them the Go Ahead this Quote Fee comes off the price of the recovery. Naturally if you are unwilling to pay them for the recovery you blow the money for the Quote.

On Track where given 3 HDD that where On Board the Space Shuttle Colombia and they recovered Data off one of them the other two not only hit the ground hard and fast but sat in the bottom of a swamp for months before being found. The only significant difference between the drive that could have Data Recovered and those that couldn't was the amount of Heat Damage that they suffered. However On Track managed to recover 99% of the data off that drive in under 2 days which I thought was Brilliant. I was personally surprised that they could get anything off any of those drives.



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