Seagate 4 TB for laptop. Can I use it?

By nutpawnch77 ·
Tags: Hardware
So I'm trying to build a gaming/school work computer. I want to have a good amount of space for both of those things (I like to maximize). Also if there is anything else that could fit in a laptop (RAM, Motherboard, CPU, etc) I go places a lot so a laptop is preferable.

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A 4 GIG SATA Drive would have to be a 3.5 inch drive which runs on 12 V DC

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Seagate 4 TB for laptop. ...

So besides the fact that it will not fit into a NB it has a different voltage so the NB can not power it either so over all I would say that No it's not going to work.

To get any large drive to work with a NB you would have to fit it to a Powered USB Case and carry the case and Power Supply with it at all times.


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