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seagate 80GB barracuda hard drive

By sahilshaa ·
Dear sir!
i have intel (D865 GLC) board and windows 2000 server O.S.i bought a seagate 80GB barracuda hard drive(fresh or no partition are made) when i boot my copmuter from windows 98 this H.D show 10GB total space of drive and when i boot from windows 2000 server this show 32GB total space of this drive.i would like to create 4 partition each has 20GB space of 80GB drive, does my motherboard support of 80gb? if yes how i create my own partition
plz solve this problem with your experience .

thank you

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by mikex In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

The easy way to do it is :

Go on somebody else machine with newer BIOS and motherboard=>(next)Attach the hard drive as a second one (Primary Slave or secondary Master)=>It's better to have this drive with NTFS partitions on the W2k machine=>Right click my computer=>Manage=>Disk Management=>Partition nad format the hard drive there

If you're going to use it under 98 you'll need to make at least 4 partitions with FAT32

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by saihib In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

I'm running an Intel 865 board with 250 and 80 gig drives, so I know your board is not the problem. I'd get a bootable floppy or CD that has delpart.exe on it. (a free download, do a Google search for: delpart download) My suspicion is that your drive already has DOS and non-DOS partitions on it. Use delpart to delete all partitions and re-format the drive. Re-install Win2K and create your partitions with Disk Manager or create them from DOS using fdisk.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

put fdisk from win2k server cd on a win98 floppy and boot from it. if fdisk can see all 80gb, then your BIOS can. or use partition/format utilities from seagate website. if the utility can see the whole drive, then your bios can. that is OS's (and file system formats) have partition and cylinder size contraints. there is great article at search the mskb for partition size

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by Casemaker In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

Make sure you are setting the jumpers correctly.

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by Hazzard_005 In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

Try Looking at this link.

From what I can find out quickly is fat32 partitions do not natively work well in windows if over 32 Gb. Try using the DiskWizard utility from SeaGate to set up the drive the way you want.

Hope this helps.

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by pselvabharathi In reply to seagate 80GB barracuda ha ...

Boot your system from boot CD or Floop and then put the "Seagate DiskManager" latest version CD and make the partition how many and what size you want in your HDD,after that you can instal which OS you want."The latest version DiskManager" only support very older versions are not support to partition yor 80GB HDD.This CD was given by shoper where you buy the 80GB HDD,if not download from .

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