Seagate FreeAgent external hard disk - paging error

By abanerji ·
I bought an external hard disk (FreeAgent 160GB, Model # ST901603FGE1E1-RK) in February 2008. The purpose is data backups of my PCs (all XP-SP2). Whenever I use this external hard disk (from any of my PCs), there are always a few occurences of the following in Event viewer :-

Type: Warning
Source: Disk
EventI 51
An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging operation

My other external hard disk is a Western Digital (procured about a year ago), and so far, I have not come across any such error message when I use it.

Should I be concerned about this error event in my Seagate FreeAgent? Since this is a data backup device, I am worried.

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Your worries may be well founded.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Seagate FreeAgent externa ...

If that error repeatedly appears in the Event Log, I would definitely suspect the hard drive is about to fail completely.

But here are some things to go through:
Try a different USB cable.
Try a different USB port.
(I'm assuming you are using the A/C power adapter it came with)
See if the same thing happens when you hook it to another machine.

Download and run Seagate's free diagnostic tool:

Something else to try:
1. Right-click on My Computer (in XP/2000) (Computer in Vista).
2. Click on Manage.
3. Choose Device Manager.
4. Choose Disk drives.
5. Right-click on the hard drive.
6. Choose Properties.
7. Choose the Policies tab.
8. Set the drive to "Optimize for Quick Removal".

One last thing to try:

Here's what MS says about Event ID 51:

Is the warranty still intact?

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Thank you

by abanerji In reply to Your worries may be well ...

Thanks for the links and good advice. I will try.

Yes, the warranty is five years, and intact. I have got several backups ... so, will have to troubleshoot, but not a crisis situation.

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Well according to M$ at least Event 51 is supposed to be

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Seagate FreeAgent externa ...

A memory Related Error

So according to M$ the problem is occurring in the Computer not the External HDD.

But as I don't overly believe this explanation by M$ I would first want to make certain that the same Event Message is occurring on every Computer that this drive is plugged into and check the Drives Fitness with Seagate's Testing Utility Sea Tools

But as you need to load the Seagate Software called Free Agent the most likely explanation is that there is a problem with that.

For Data Backup I personally prefer not to use any Software as it may not be supported by a New OS if it becomes necessary to replace the computer that comes with a different OS installed.

If the Drive tests as OK I would be looking at the Software being an issue causing the problem here. If you remove the Free Agent Software and just copy & Paste the Data to this HDD dies it still generate the Event Messages?


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Thank you

by abanerji In reply to Well according to M$ at l ...

Good advice and links. I will try.

I don't use FreeAgent software. I do my backups via copy/paste.
In fact, I learnt not to trust MS-Backup long back, when the Restore failed.

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