Seagate ST3808110as premature failures after 2 years

By terry.radford ·
I have a growing pile of Seagate 7200.9 80GB ST3808110as hard disks being removed because of a power transistor on the pcb that shorts out. During the last 3 months 12 drives have failed after 24-28 months of service in desktop workstations. The real problem is that when the drive component shorts out it also takes out the power supply and 25% of the time the system motherboard. We have a reputation for using quality components that last over 5 years, we decide to replace equipment because it is slow, not because of premature failures. Has anyone else experienced a high number of Seagate failures of this nature? Should I send a notice to all clients with 80GB seagates to replace them before they take out their systems and lose all data?

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That is defiantly not something I have seen yet

by OH Smeg In reply to Seagate ST3808110as prema ...

The Seagate Drives seem to be fairly reliable from my experience but depending on the Numbers that you buy in you may have got some from a bad Batch where Seagate was Supplied Substandard Components by another component maker.

Or maybe the Soldering Process overheated this Tranni and caused it to substantially degrade.

A Long while ago several Power Tranni Makers where supplying very substandard Tranni's that where no where near their rated capacity and caused lots of Problems. In that case all those TO220 Motorola Tranni where counterfeit and very substandard maybe something like that has happened here.

What is Seagate Saying about these Failures?


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I have this problem also.

by jcopija In reply to Seagate ST3808110as prema ...

3 computers now. i was going to blame it on the power supplys as they were all the same case/PSU...ive replaced 3 of them and only 1 took out the motherboard, but it had a swollen cap on it too so i dont know that i can blame that on the drive but in all cases the PSU was definitly bad...i just checked the latest model and it is indeed the same as yours....

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Same issue

by nathanialth In reply to Seagate ST3808110as prema ...

I am having the same issue on some work stations where I work. If you check the bottom of the hard drive, the power transistor on the pcb is marked BUX C667.

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you may need to format the drive

by martinknapton In reply to Seagate ST3808110as prema ...

if you format the drive that may work on the problem ...
but with the power problem you may need to get a new hard drive how do i know this because i have had this problem with hard drives in some of my servers &computers

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