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    by john.a.wills ·

    I have been using Seamonkey as my main browser for several years, after a tip from someone on TR. Lately there have been increasing instances of sites failing to work with it. Chase, the bank, simply refuses any log-in on a browser not in its short list, while Ally Bank fails to accept log-in on this browser. Similarly, The Economist newspaper too fails to accept log-in, as does the Safeway grocer customer site. Does anyone know what is happening?

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      Sounds like….

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      To access those web sites that you mentioned, you will need a more conventional web browser. Personally, I do like the Chrome browser as it seems to play well with the others. Even if you aren’t happy with that, your options are somewhat limited in this case. Best wishes.

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      Re: browser

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      The same happens with people who still want to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The solution is like birdmantd says: use another browser (Microsoft recommends its own browser Edge).

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      Same thing has been happening to me with other browsers

      by wizard57m ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      especially those, much like Seamonkey, that are based on the older Gecko or Goanna browser engines (Pale Moon, NewMoon). If you aren’t aware, google has really been aggressive in pushing its own “standards” as something approved by everyone involved with web development and international standards. Firefox has somewhat better implementation with the newer Quantum engine than the old Gecko/Goanna, so that may be an option. At present, I’m using MS Edge on Win7 and Win10, and on my Puppy Linux netbook I use a sort of ungoogled chromium for browsing. Firefox still feels a tad slow to me, only have it on the Win7 laptop,,,MS Edge is much more responsive and seems quicker. But that is just my observation.

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      What I am curious about…

      by john.a.wills ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      is just what changes have been made in the past few months to the log-in procedures of the Economist, Safeway, See Click Fix and Ally Bank. I am not a great expert on website log-in procedures, but I have worked on them, albeit five years ago. What are those programmers doing that changed their websites so as to fail on Seamonkey. Are any of the culprits TR members who can explain? And why were those changes made?

      I notice that for Clio too I have to go to Chrome.

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        Web components…

        by Wizard57M-TR ·

        In reply to What I am curious about…

        This is being adopted by many sites, being pushed by google, these web components utilize scripting not recognized by older browser engines, such as gecko/goanna, trident (MS IE). I’ve read that Pale Moon developers are attempting to get it included but are having limited success, that and some other WebRTC stuff. Basically it boils down to google being a monopoly and controlling What is on the web, and How you view it, as well as snooping and knowing When you are viewing it.

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          scripting and engines

          by john.a.wills ·

          In reply to Web components…

          Does Wiz mean that there are new scripting languages with interpreters included only in browsers using modern engines? The only web-scripting language I have used is JavaScript, and I would like to have used more of that before I retired, but PL/SQL, HTML and SQR dominated my activity in my last years.

          What is this about browser engines? I imagine, from what has been written, that a browser comes in two levels, something I did not know before, and that the deeper level comes in fewer varieties than the shallower one.

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      The protocols

      by Old Molases280 ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      It might be due to the protocols the browser is using.

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      Reply To: Seamonkey

      by smitty311 ·

      In reply to Seamonkey

      I used Seamonkey for years, but gave it up over the lack of development and dearth of addons.

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