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VMWare ESX Commands

by sean.ryan In reply to SeanBlog

<p>ftp -i
<p>tail -f vmkerneltail
<p> -v
<p>vmkmultipath -q
<p>shutdown -r now
<p>tar zxvf ./hpmgmt-7.2.0-vmware.tgz
<p>./ --install
<p>rm filename
<p>mv filename
<p>vmkload_mod /usr/lib/vmware/vmkmod/lpfcdd.o vmhba</p>
<p>servername/vmkusage (in browser to show ESX Utilization</p>
<p>df -h (will show disk usage)</p>
<p>vdf -h (to show disk usage)</p>
<p>ps -ef</p>
<p>vdf -h (will also show the virtual disks)</p>
<p><a href="http://servername/vmkusage">http://servername/vmkusage</a> (vmtools has to be installed) *vmkusagectl install has to be ran on the command line</p>
<p>mui (memory tab) /proc /proc/vmware </p>
<p>vdf (show disk space) </p>
<p>vdf -h free (show memory) </p>
<p>lsof (list of open files, ports) </p>
<p>find (find files) man (manual pages) </p>
<p> (perl script to make fuzzy backup)</p>
<p>netstat -na | grep LIST</p>
<p>ps -ef | grep httpd (is httpd running)</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p><a href=""></a>

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