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By statykserver ·
How can I find out which email distribution lists I am owner of? Is there a way to do a search on a particular name and find out what email lists he is owner of?

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Depends on your Permissions

by DoubleShocker In reply to Search Email Distribution ...

If you are an admin, or have admin rights to your Exchange server (assuming you're using Exchange) - simply select Properties from your user profile on AD, and select the Member Of TAB. This will list the distribution groups you belong to.


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Owner Of vs. Member Of

by yorkeb In reply to Depends on your Permissio ...

How can I find out which email distribution lists I am **owner** of? This is different than being a **member** of? I have a user who asked me to provide them a list of dl's they are owner of and was hoping that someone could suggest a way to do that. Thanks in advance!

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That works fine for users who have a small amount of memberships

by statykserver In reply to Depends on your Permissio ...

But when they are members of security groups, and tons of distribution lists, I didn't really want to have to go scrolling through list and look at each distribution list and check the properties of each to see if they are Owners of the distribution lists. I was hoping there was a script that I don't know how to write that would do this. Wishful thinking but a hope nonetheless.

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