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By tsert ·
I am the network administrator for a small business. Most of our employees use laptops so I cannot monitor their activities, but I do updates and preventative maintenance. At the time when I am updating I take a look around the documents and settings folder and view there history just to make sure there is no undesirable data or websites visited. I know there is another way to check hidden files in DOS but I was wondering if there was some way to search and view websites and cached items (mainly pictures) all in one program instead of searching through docs and settings folders until I see a file name that flags my attention? can anyone help this would reduce my time dramatically.

Thank you in advance for your responses

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website checks

by BHunsinger In reply to Search Employee Computers

go to the Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and open the files in there, dirty pictures will jump out at you if you have Microsoft pictures on the machine, or any thumbnail picture program.

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Software Solution - Maybe

by Dennis.Rhine In reply to website checks

My first question would be one that has been asked by others - what is the official company policy regarding this. In my company we have a policy that states that a user has no expectation of privacy and that their computer can be checked at any time. Fair enough - so long as it is the policy.

If there is no policy then I wouldn't spend the time looking for what websites a user had cruised to.

If there is a policy then I would recommend a software program that tracks this for you. We use one called ActMon and it can track web useage, Internet chat, applications used, etc. We set it to only track Internet based uses. it generates a realtively small HTML file and can even zip these up to save space, save them to a network share, or email them automatically on a schedule.

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Index Dat Viewer

by ka4nmx In reply to Software Solution - Maybe

Do a Google search for Index.dat Viewer. A free index reader that will get all kinds of info quick and eaisly. I use it almost daily.

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Company Policy and WMI

by spamsux2 In reply to Software Solution - Maybe

Dennis is absolutely correct. Without a properly written policy, you don't have a leg to stand on.

Once you've got a policy in place, you can begin searching out what you're looking for. Given that, if you are working in a M$ shop, with a little coding in WMI you can interrogate systems for cache info, file types, etc... Additionally, with WMI you can copy, delete or remove the files to a server automatically when they log on to the lan without them ever knowing.

If you aren't up for coding, AuditWizard ( a nice, affordable software package that will interrogate the systems for the basics and can run searches on remote systems for different file types. Also, the reporting tools can help you out with obtaining your numbers for licensing and finding restricted apps that the user has installed.

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No Expectation of Privacy - Check this out..

by bubba In reply to website checks

I dont know what the laws are in your state, but in Florida a business can make a policy that states there is no expectation of Privacy. That means if its on the work computer or work email - they CANNOT expect that it is PRIVATE.

I am a Network Analyst II for a huge hospital in Florida. I work closely with our Data Security department in monitoring Internet usage (ISA Server and GFI monitor)... if I see abnormal habits I search the hard drive for non-business software or inappropriate materials. If I catch someone going to Adult sites, Chat sites, Dating sites or surfing while they are suppose to be working I turn them into Data Security with the evidence. So far, 3 individuals in the last 90 days have been terminated because of it. Am I sorry? NOT ONE BIT! These people are surfing or doing NON-Business related activity while our patients could be neglected.

If I see someone surfing more than what I would consider appropriate I turn them in. They are employed by the hospital to do a job - in one way or another that job means PATIENT CARE. Am I a hard A**? Why YES I AM! I have a job to do and that is to protect the hospital and its patients. If one of those bonehead users downloads a virus they place ALL our systems in jeopardy. Dont think this doesnt include DOCTORS! I have turned in two doctors for inappropriate web surfing habits to Data Security. The Data Security Officer went to the Medical Chief of Staff, both of those doctors were given a very point blank warning about those habits.

Our CIO put it this way "These folks are treating the hospitals computers as "Extensions" of their HOME computers, this is unacceptable". Webshots, Gator and all that crap do nothing but put the systems in jeopardy. I will continue to do my job and if it means someone getting fired....please, let me hold the door :)

Jim S.

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Damn right!

by dave In reply to No Expectation of Privacy ...


We need more people like you!

I got fed up with all the whiners complaining about their rights to this, that and the other.

Staff should not use their work computers for activities they can do at home..

Plus if a virus did appear on the network and work was lost/network went down or some other problem just who would get the blame?

The IT department would!

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by alanchcc2000 In reply to Damn right!

We the invisible blamed by the many for their screw ups
Come the revolution...............

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Kudos to you Jim..

by technicallyright In reply to No Expectation of Privacy ...

I agree with your stance and attitude 100%. People need to take responsibility for their actions and if you have admin support (which is rare) it makes your life that much easier!

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"Atta Boy

by eric_s In reply to No Expectation of Privacy ...

I am with you %100. If the device (laptop, desktop, etc.) isn't yours, meaninbg that you bought and paid for it yourself, it isn?t YOURS. It is the companies and you have no expectation of privacy and/or exclusivity. If you use the device improperly (contrary to the rules your employer sets out) you can expect disciplinary action, or dismissal!

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Are you someone who know everything ?

by 3xp3rt In reply to No Expectation of Privacy ...

How do you know how many time take for obtaining a usefully information for somebody?s job. This article you put to this site from home or from job?
It?s possible for a doctor to search some information in internet for saving a live, he find a lot of information and need to navigate for consult all.
It?s a possibility even this.

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