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Search Engines, Do they really make sense?

By dawgit ·
Sorry, folks, I'm still trying to catch up here. (I had gotten busy for a while :0 )
Anyway, afte just checking out the Discussion on Google: "Google - the worst search engine" [ http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=96&threadID=195490&messageID=2023867 ] I had the ask just one question on the subject that everyone assumes to know. Is the concept of searching really worth it. About the only time I 'search' for anything is get infomation for educational purposes. (The Who, What, Where, and When)
Most small and mid-size businesses around here (in this area, Stuttgart, Germany) just don't seem to find it relative anymore to their business in general, or sales. Now, I'm not saying that all business is great at the moment, but the idea of people actually spending real money as a result a 'Search' just doesn't pan out. Most good, competent IT shops don't even dare to advertise, and don't let their Internet site out to anyone they don't know. Sure the big names do use them to get information about their products out to the public. And the Chains do hope for some sales. But that's not where the real money is. It's in people actually buying something. I have yet to buy anything because I searched for it. And I don't know any-one who did. People don't buy Porsches because they saw one on Google. I worked for a car rental firm recently, that does around 40% of all car rentals in Germany (That's mega Euros folks) Their biggest problem they had, was that they couldn't get enough Cars. Do they even worry how their sit comes up in a search engine? They might if they had the time. (And they have a class act for an IT dept too)
Nope, I just don't see it as a real world, world class problem. If Google, or any other search engine, were to go down tomorrow, for a week, would any business here notice? Unless, They read about in the news paper, (people here still read) I doubt it.
As far as a web site, the point I hear most mentioned is how it loads on all browsers, and just how fast. (If it's not up and readable fast, people here are gone)
Just a view point. I'm prepared to get majored flamed on this. -dawgit
(edited to fix some of the spelling)

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My Point....

by dawgit In reply to Search Engines, Do they r ...

from the Tech-Rep's own site (Home) [ http://techrepublic.com.com/2001-1-0.html ] under the "Spot Light On-" colume: Ducati Killed Its Marketing ? And Prospers [ http://jobfunctions.bnet.com/abstract.aspx?docid=160403 ] Google? Why? -d

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Interesting point

by Roho In reply to My Point....

That is not that I agree, because I use search all the time looking for almost anything: work related (like code snippets) and not work related (vacation).
But maybe search is overrated, then?
I don't think so. It would be if there was a way around the web where you could easily get to any information you need at any moment. You would need a very clever portal or something from where you can jump to the information you. You just need to enter a subject.
Uhm, I know a couple of these portals, operated by MSN, Yahoo, Google.

Good anyhow, to think about it.

I must add that for big companies Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimalisation can be useless. Anyone can find the Nike website or Coca Cola.
But for smaller business it can be interesting but it depends on your product and your market.

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That's ok.....

by dawgit In reply to Interesting point

I'm not looking for, or expecting everyone to agree with me. "Overrated"? Yes, I think that is my point here. That it is usefull, is beyond dispute. For certain reasons. I agree though, that the marketing and optimalisations -hype, is just that, My point exactaly.

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by Dr Dij In reply to That's ok.....

I google stuff to verify species names all the time. That's not buying but there is more to information that buying stuff.

I was looking for a clip on canteen, and found it via google. The manufacturer doesn't sell direct, so had to find via web with product name. Amazon seller wanted way more in postage and handling so google found me campsavers.com.

same thing looking for inkjet cartridges. my old seller vibrantinks has gone out of biz. not surprising since I got spam to email account used only for sale to them. apparently their security not good. Anyway I was able to find them via yahoo and google.

if google went under we'd adjust. since there are other search engines. if they all went under, it would be the same as deleting all the indexes to all the database tables at your companies. you could still find the info by going thru every record, but you'd never finish.

I think it's scary that they index so much cr*p pages, filled with virus downloads. And that 66% of search results for screensavers have drive-by downloads.

An even higher percent of their sponsored results are drive-by or trojan download sites. Very scary. (if you don't believe me, install siteadvisor plugin from mcaffee and then do the google search, red checkboxes are by each results page if trojan site)

Other sites are just trolling with keywords randomly placed to phish result clicks for trojans.

and the fact that they index things mistakenly placed on the internet, such as documents, creditcard #s, etc is scary but it gets the companies to clean up their mistakes too.

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My point of view

by j.lupo In reply to Search Engines, Do they r ...

is that they are necessary so that I don't have to search through thousands of pages of "documentation" to find examples of what I am looking for. I usually can find what I need with an example online by doing a search. Sometimes I even find other things that are good to know. All this is job related.

I have over 15 years working with Oracle and Unix, my current project has me working with SQL Server, Windows, DB2, and AIX. Now with the searching I can do my migration work without ever having used these tools before. My learning curve is shortened and makes up for the fact that there is NO DATA DICTIONARY, No Documentation of anykind.

Is searching necessary? maybe and maybe not, but I find it makes my job that much easier.

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A good point too....

by dawgit In reply to My point of view

I'm not meaning how we might use the internet, and search engines. I do believe that we all do that. In that case, I think library in a box on our desk. The information is there. And for this no 'hype' is necessary.

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Here Here!

by tim.aultman In reply to My point of view

google has become my primary source for finding technical information. I do AIX, DB2, Solaris, ...etc... I can find IBM info on IBM sites with google MUCH quicker than I can by conducting the search directly on IBM's site! For what I do, google is invaluable!...

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The outhouse argument

by kellybowles In reply to My point of view

Yes, you can get by without indoor plumbing, maybe cheaper, but life is a lot easier using the plumbing system. Ask the Amish about electricity.

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Search in Business

by gsquared In reply to Search Engines, Do they r ...

One thing that our sales department does is search for people/businesses online when we get a prospective customer.

Joe Bananovich calls in and starts asking about our services and products, the sales person looks him up in Google, looks up his company name in Google, and sometimes finds relevant information.

It's a useful thing. Definitely not a make-or-break thing, but a useful thing.

Personally, before I make any purchase from a company, I like to do a couple of searches for them online. See if there are a lot of complaints or a lot of good reviews, etc. Find out if they're being sued by anyone, look at news articles about them. That kind of thing. I don't want to spend time and money on a product only to find out later that the company selling it is currently in the process of a class-action suit because of the very product I'm buying.

So, again, search engines can be useful in a monetary way.

Have I ever purchased anything because of an add on a search site? No. Probably never will, either.

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by dawgit In reply to Search in Business

Wouldn't that depend on your business type and the amount of money involved? Would your business have used a private dective to check out your customers before the internet?

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