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search for file or folder by owner

Our top IT guy couldn't give me an answer on this.
Is there a way to search for files or folders by owner? We have multiple users sharing a server creating files and folders all over the place and we would like to be able to clean up. It would be helpful to be able to track down what belongs to who through multiple levels of folders.

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by jschein In reply to search for file or folder ...

ok, this is a tough question for ANY it dept.. If he did not have auditing on, no way you could find out who created what...

Microsoft office files have a signature file to them (user, company) if their information was properly entered, you can find out who those files belong to by right clicking them and going into the properties... author

Now, best case scenario... Unshare that entire folder and create a new share... Make subfolders per dept. and assign groups that have read write access to and only read access... Also, turn on auditing to monitor who creates what junk so as to "teach" the user how to properly use a server shared file server.

Then sort through the old unshared files, remove games, mp3's, mpgs, avis (normal user junk) and you will have company related files left. The majority of which you should be able to determine the proper group folder to move them into.

Hope this helps.

Good luck

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by Joseph Moore In reply to search for file or folder ...

In Windows NT4 and beyond, the DIR command with a /Q switch will display the owner of a file/folder. So, open a command prompt, CD to the root folder you want to start checking, then just do:


and watch the output. You can catch the output and spool it to a file by adding the > symbol and a file name like this:

DIR /Q > fileowners.txt

And don't forget the /S swithch to search through subdirectories:

DIR /Q /S > fileowners.txt

Then when it's done, just check for TXT file for who owns what.

hope this helps

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