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By nanduri_vn ·
The Cosmology Research Centre is working on the Integration of Information from Vedas ,Upanishads, Puranas on Cosmology Science and Technology to advance
The Science of Philosophy
The Philosophy of Science
Cosmic Consciousness \
SearcH : google/Cosmology and Vedas
\Interaction: Msn groups for world peace
\Interested persons are welcome to start the dialogues

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Do we get to?????

by maxwell edison In reply to SEARCH FOR SPONSORS: COSM ...

Do we get to stand around in a circle, holding hands, singing Kum Ba Yah?

Man, oh man, count me in.

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I loved cubs!

by Oz_Media In reply to Do we get to?????

It's been a while since we all sang Kum Ba Ya. Can I bring some incense and a tamborine?

Actually I will come if we can sing Quarter Master Store, "My eyes are dim I cannot see..."

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And don't forget the candles <EOM>

by maxwell edison In reply to I loved cubs!
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I'll bring the Bunt and the pipe

by SkipperUSN In reply to Do we get to?????

It's been a long time - but I think I still have a Bong around the old storage shed - and a little 5 leaf herb can be found..

Oh man - take me home Sweet Home Alabama -- ;-)

Don't forget your tie-die shirts - halter tops - flowers in your hair - and all that free loving ... "Like maybe we are just an electron on some gaint atom... cool - wooo "

Like Peace Man...

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The problem with the "Peace Movement"

by maxwell edison In reply to I'll bring the Bunt and t ...

They're all preaching to the choir. I don't know of anyone in the USA who "wants" war, only those who are willing to wage it. The notion that war is always the last resort is pure nonsense. (Because there's always one more "last thing" that could be considered - but by then it may be too late.)

These people of the peace movement should be preaching to those who really need it. The ones who want war - and it ain't us (the U.S.).

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