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search/insert/change/delete mysql rows with php

By Nightmare1158 ·
I am banging my head against the wall looking for a way to combine several functions on one page.
What I need is search/insert/change/delete for rows

for instance, I have the database resale I want to be able to show all items, add new items, change existing items (say the get cheaper) and delete sold items. I would like to do this all on one page instead of having multiple pages

If anyone can tell me how to do this, I would be so appreciative.

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There's a reason, well several, why this isn't often done

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to search/insert/change/dele ...

Google PHP datagrid

You'll have to gear up for this, a "page" of items depends on many things multi-user, will have a an impact as well.

e.g. is each change to any field in a row going to be submitted or just a change to a row, or a block update. Someone else on the same "page", changes row 5 column 3 to "Fred", and it come back as "Jim" on row 4 because of a delete by user 2, and a change by user 6....

User 2 makes a change to row 6, and posts it, but User 16 has`deleted it.
Lock all the row on the page, now one else can touch them. User 6's fifth page in might overlap with User 30s 7th....

I dislike grids immensely client side, on web pages, especially where it will amost certainly be x rows from last position, they are a sensitive body part waiting for a vicious ****...

So before you rusj off with this you mght want to think abut how many more problems being able to change a page's worth of data is going to cause as well as solve.

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Only 1 person with access.

by Nightmare1158 In reply to search/insert/change/dele ...

I appreciate your reply. To answer the question, it will only be 2 people with access to do anything to the database, myself, and the client. I am able to go directly into the database and up date all I like, however the client does not have that kind of knowledge or access.

so what I am doing is a simple admin page that is password protected so they can just go in and type in a few things and manage the pages from their little panel.

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