Search your IE history file for malicious/unsafe web site addresses?

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Hello, I am a sys admin and we recently had one of those rogue dhcp server viruses spread between several computers on our network. I was able to locate and isolate the infected computers but now I am investigating the root cause. I know there are plenty of anti-virus companies that offer web site checkers where you can manually input a url and they will return results if the site is malicious or unsafe. But I am wondering if rather than search manually through a users entire ie history folder and put in each url manually to check if it returns something malicious, that maybe there is a utility or web site where I could upload the entire history file and scan it for malicious urls. Then maybe I could find some sites that were visited where a potential virus could have been contracted... Anyone have any experience with this? I have been searching for a few days and have found nothing...

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try spybot

by databaseben In reply to Search your IE history fi ...

sites that are known to be malicious can be added to the hosts file,which will block the browsers ability to visit any site on the list / hosts file.

but i'm not sure if you can upload data to get the results you are seeking. however, you can download data and find your own answers.

there is a list of malicious sites that is provided by the people that make the spybot program.

when you run it, one of the options provided is to review their list of malicious sites and update the system hosts file with the data, if the user wants.

the spybot definitions and the hosts listing is always updated, at least once a week. I even provided the spybot people with a malicious site i found, and they in turn updated their list with it.

to this end, you can manually reconcile your list with the spybot listing "or" you can simply clear out the ie history and then update the system hosts file via spybot - to save time and headaches.

also, be advised that cookies are also left in the wake by sites, including malicious sites. so you may want to review and delete individual cookies or simply clear them all out at one time.

fyi - incidentally, for whatever reason, updated hosts file on my win7 64 bit machine makes my browsing very sluggish, so this host file only has one entry in it, that i've manually inputted.

however updated hosts files on older o.s.'s do not hinder browsing performance.

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