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Searching a job in s/w testing

By shilpa_sh_belsare ·
I have to search for a job in s/w testing, I have done my BSc in electronics & masters in computers(MCM) from Symbiosis, But i dont have any experience in software. plz suggest me how to start.

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by JamesRL In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...

Most software testers get experience in writing software first. As a part of being a developer, you have to test your own code. A software tester gets to do more extensive testing like testing integration, performance and other more interesting things.

Software testing is also moving into an automated realm, and what they need there is people who can write testing scripts - not as complicated as writing code itself but its not point and click either.

Find a course on using these new tools - Mercury has the most comprehensive suite. Most jobs for software testers require some level of exposure to automated testing as its not a question for most companies about if they will automate, its a question of when.


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by gjucan In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...

If you?re a recent graduate (you mention you don?t have software experience) best advice is to start by taking specialized software testing courses. Most universities that teach computer science have some testing and QA programs ? if you also get a certificate or so even better.
While taking the courses find a company where you can volunteer as a tester. Many charities and non-profit organizations implement IT project on a shoe-string budget and will appreciate any help they can get and will provide you with work experience and references in the testing area.
Moreover, contacting them to offer your services is a useful experience for later when you?ll be asking for a paid job.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...

work for the guv they can fix you up.

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by harikv80 In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...


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How much Re. do s/w testers make?

by arhandoo In reply to Edited by moderator

this might be pretty blunt & straight forward, but HARI could u let me know how much would a fresh BE/Btech guy get paid?
also in S/W testing are the oppourtunities for Diploma/ B.Com as good as those for a BE?

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Re: Searching a job in s/w testing

by Sam_Joel In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...

Its nice about your qualification and skills. I too got a degree in Computers and while searching for a good job in the computing field my friend suggested a site which is the best online source for the job seekers in Cloud Computing and virtualization.

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Re: Searching a job in s/w testing

by Ryan_Thomas In reply to Searching a job in s/w te ...

That is a good field. Search for good job sites in google. It will be very helpful for you. They help you in finding a good job in that field. This is one of my favorite job site i interested try this also

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