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searching for a book about one root of Naziism

By john.a.wills ·
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In 1903 the Zionists definitively picked on the Palestinians. In 1924 the Nazis picked on the people they called "Jews" (and on Gypsies).

X wrote A, a book suggesting that the Nazi attitude towards Jews derived, or was copied, from the Zionist attitude towards Palestinians.

Y wrote B, another book concerning Zionism.

Z wrote C, a review of B, mentioning either that B mentioned A or that it did not; C was published in Journal of Palestine Studies issue N, where 24 < N < 78.

I read C at most a few months after publication, and I remember where I was living, which is how I can give the range for N, but it is rather a big range and I do not want to read through all the JPS book reviews in 53 issues. Nevertheless, I would like to read A. Can anyone help me? If someone knows N, I can work the rest out myself.

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