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Searching for Failure and Repair Tracking Software

By anson.brodd ·
I need a software package that I can implement in our repair department. I need it to be able to pull up all previous repairs done on a unit (by SN), and also has the issues coded (drop-down, check boxes, etc) for easy reporting on my end. I would also like something that is customizable to the point where, when a part number for a specific unit is entered, a list of current documentation / procedures is displayed (hyper linked) so the tech can quickly access the latest released version for the product he is working on. I don't need it to do billing or invoicing or issue assignments or anything like that.
The program needs to be able to track and report a multitude of failures both by part and component. It needs to have the ability to report the fact that a given repair has been done more than once on a given unit. It would also be nice if the software could organize failures as primary and secondary and/or be able to link failures. As in failure A caused failure B. Of course a repair history is important. Each time the SN is brought in for repair the failures and repairs need to track with it, not start a new record. Corrective action flags would be a plus. However, as long as I have the ability to run complex reports I should be good. Having the ability to import failure/repair data from a sub contractor is also necessary.

Any thoughts?

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Repair Tracking

by pat In reply to Searching for Failure and ...

Hi Anson,

If you are still looking for a repair tracking solution, I have exactly what you need. My company has an extremely flexible, web-based issue tracking system. It can either be hosted by us (zero IT costs as we handle upgrades, backups, admin, etc.) or it can be installed on your web server.

Top notch reporting, alerts, email, etc.

If you would like, customers can login to submit a repair or view the status (no more calling to get an update).

Corrective actions (or anything else) can be added without any custom coding! Import/export to/from Excel is a snap. Repair history is easy.

To see more, check out:
<a href=>Repair Tracking Software</a>

Fortune 100 companies are using this software to manage repairs, tech support and more.

Or contact me directly.


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Did you find any nice tool? I'm going to test JTrac...

by juanmadg In reply to Searching for Failure and ...

Hi Anson,

I'm looking exactly for the same tool as you are (I wouldn't have described it better). Did you find anything till the moment? I'm going to take a look at JTrac but I'm not sure it will fit perfectly.

If you did, could you please, tell me what did you find?

Best regards,

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