Searching for folders/files on a drive from all folders/files on another dr

By bill.mosko ·
I have a cd that has folders/files on it. I need to search a hard drive for those foldername/filenames. Right now I am copying/pasting names into the default MS Search one name at a time and its taking forever. Can anyone recommend a decent search app to get this done quicker? TIA

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Desktop Google

by nepenthe0 In reply to Searching for folders/fil ...
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Just remember, this application is considered by some to be spyware...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Searching for folders/fil ...

(1) Google Desktop isn't free for use in a commercial environment. There is an enterprise edition that must be purchased for those environments. The free version is available only for personal use.

(2) Google Desktop opens back doors and makes things easy for exploits to get in. Use at your own risk and hope you're very well protected.

(3) Google Desktop reports home to Google about the internet usage for every user on the computer, transmits words used in every kind of search, searches across multiple computers on a LAN, searches across multiple user accounts on one computer, and makes public (on that computer) all documents stored in what people thought were private directories when multiple users sign in with the same user account.

Keep all of that in mind IF you decide to use it.

In addition, using this application won't reduce the need to input each folder/file name individually. You still have to tell it what to search for, one at a time. It will only speed up displaying the search results, once the indexing has been completed, and that can take quite a long time.

Personally, I don't think the overall performance hit you'll take by using this application is worth getting search results a few seconds faster, let alone the security issues it presents and the problems with Windows that often result after it's installation.

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Good to know

by nepenthe0 In reply to Just remember, this appli ...

Thanks for the words of warning. I haven't used Desktop Google, but all reviews I have read confirm that it is a better search engine than the default.

By better, than must mean more effective in actually finding the desired files/folders. Too bad that Google is sullying its reputation by engaging in such shenanigans.

Rick/Portland, OR

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You're probably stuck doing it one at a time......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Searching for folders/fil ...

When you created the CD, if you didn't recreate the folder structure from where the files came from, you're probably going to be stuck searching for these same files on the hard drive, one at a time.

Most people, when coping files to a CD, will create folders on the CD to help them remember where the files came from that are in them.

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