Searching for laptop with STURDY ac connector

By hfreemanx ·
In my experience, laptops frequently fail due to broken internal connections between the ac adapter port and whatever board it is soldered to. My Fujitsu lifebook broke this way three times (and was repaired twice) before I gave up on it. Now my Thinkpad R31 has the same problem.

Does any vendor (or after market supplier) offer a laptop with a SOLID connector that prevents wiggling and maintains an aligned position? You'd think someone would. I'm envisioning a little bracket on the computer end of the ac adapter, something with prongs or clips to serve as a strain release on the actually connector port.

If anything like this exists, I'd really be grateful to hear about it.

Harris Freeman

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by ---TK--- In reply to Searching for laptop with ...

Take your NAME AND EMAIL address out of the post, there are spam bots that surf sites like this...

What about investing in a docking station... that way you don't have to use the plug as much... The laptop can charge through the docking station...

Just a thought...

I do have to agree with you, the plugs are pretty fragile... I constantly handle mine with TLC...

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by TheChas In reply to Searching for laptop with ...

The side located coaxial power jack on my Acer has been working well. As one is less apt to shove the side of their computer up against a wall or monitor base, the side mount is a bit more secure.

There are several modes that I can think of that would cause the power connector to break.
Shove it against a hard surface.
Pull on it hard like when picking up and walking away with a plugged in laptop.
Excessive force to insert or extract the plug.
Poor design and weak soldering.

The manufactures are not going to build or reinforce the power jack area as it adds cost without improving perceived value.

For users that regularly break the power jack, the best option is to open up the case and retrofit a solution.

It could be as easy as coating the connector with a large blob of aquarium / electronics grade RTV or hot melt adhesive. If the RTV smells of vinegar, do not use it on electronics.

Or, fit the power cord with a break-away plug and secure the regular plug to the jack permanently.


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