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Searching in XP Pro

By tedB ·
Since using Windows XP Pro, the one thing that I find extremely annoying is how slooooow searching is. I've enabled the Indexing service but this really doesn't help speed up the searches.

I've spoken with other people using Windows XP Pro andthey also experience the slow search capabilities of XP.

I'm running NTFS and defrag regularly but it doesn't help. Does anyone have any tips on improving the speed at which XP can find a simple file or do I just need to exercise a bit more patience?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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Searching in XP Pro

by William Jay In reply to Searching in XP Pro


As you may have noticed, indexing slows everything down. XP by default searches inside all the archives too, (cabs and zips, etc.), so disable this one "feature" and it'll behave more like Win2k and 9x . . .

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