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Searching XmlText in ColdFusion

By mcyonderboy ·
I'm using the XmlSeach string to search a parsed xml document
in coldfusion... for the life of me I can't get it to do what I want...
which is.

Its a structure of books and extracts. I have it looping through
the books looping and listing all the extracts. Now I want it to
loop through but list only extracts with certain words... for
example if I wanted it search for the word 'authority' for example
and it would then list only the extracts with the word authority in
the XmlText...

The (wrong) code which I'm using is...

<CFSET Bookquotes = XmlSearch (QuotesXML, "/quotesdb/book

but I'm getting nothing... can anyone please shed some light on
what I'm doing wrong...


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