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    Second monitor disappears Windows 7


    by milt2 ·

    I have a dual monitor setup with a Gateway FX6801 desktop computer with nVidia monitor card. Both monitors are connected with DVI. Both monitors were working great until today when the second monitor would not display. They both appear and are identified, but changing the Multiple displays does nothing to bring the second monitor back to life. Have tried everything to no avil. This happened once before, but resolved itself after several frustrating days.

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      by nexs ·

      In reply to Second monitor disappears Windows 7

      I’d like to know what OS, Video card and model of monitor. But from what you have stated, here’s what I’d try.

      The first thing I’d try is making sure that you can access the blanks monitor’s menu. Then make sure that the “source” or “input” option is DVI or “digital”. Sometimes monitors can do some strange things and change the expected input type (or someone may have pressed something). There may also be an “Auto” button on your monitor.

      I’m assuming you’re using Windows OS. So I’ll say that you should look in the graphics properties and make sure that it’s setup as “extended desktop”.

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