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Second Sight and Clear Search adware removal problems

By AV . ·
Did anyone ever have to deal with these? I have a Windows XP Pro PC on a network that now has 2 new applications installed as shortcuts on the desktop.

I uninstalled them, edited them out of the registry manually and they came back after I rebooted. I ran Ad Aware as well and Mcafee and they came up with 10 other adware programs installed on the PC as well.

I've seen adware in the past and it has never been so intrusive as this. Even Ad Aware did not clean it the first time around and I'm still not sure that it cleaned all of the adware after scouring the registry and finding pieces of the programs. None of my virus or security defenses stopped it because its adware and not a virus.

Mcafee 6 is installed on the desktop, Inoculan/ Etrust on the servers and GFI Mail Security on the gateway. We have a Cisco Pix firewall and a DMZ.

If I run a manual scan with Mcafee, it picks up the different adware installed on the PC, but it will not prevent it from doing what it does. Websense reports on internet access for that PC user show that the PC is contacting different marketing servers.

I checked the properties on the second sight shortcut on the desktop. I looked at the permissions and there was an anonymous user listed. I could not modify the properties of that user as the user would disappear if I tried to.

Another thing was that the marketing sites were now set up as trusted sites in Internet Explorer. This PC can no longer get to the Internet or network. It is totally disabled by adware. I just can't believe how the adware destroyed this PC.

The user said she didn't install anything. That may or may not be true and I'll never know for sure.

Has anyone ever seen adware that does this? Is it worth trying to fix this PC or is it a goner?

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Correction - Second Thought not Second Sight

by AV . In reply to Second Sight and Clear Se ...
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Try this

by Oz_Media In reply to Second Sight and Clear Se ...

First, I assume you have updated your adaware signature file, if not, do so.

To block ad related cookies you should try something like;
Spyware Blaster
IE-Spy Ad :

Both will restrict ad based cookies by adding a black list to your IE certificates, without stopping needed JAVA pop-ups and scripts from running and without changing your basic security settings.

This coupled with ADAWARE should help you keep it clean. I run AdAware after every browser session, or at least several times per day.

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