Secondary DNS / Domain Controller doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.

By allzway ·
I recently have had an issue with my primary domain controller/dns server's hard drive space has filled up and the primary domain controller stops working.

However, when this has happened my secondary domain controller / dns server doesn't seem to be doing name resolution.

When this happens some users can no longer use RDP to get to a server by server name. They can still rdp by ip address, just not by name.

I will soon be addressing the hard drive space issue, but in the meantime it seems that my secondary dns server is not functioning the way I think it should.

Any suggestions or things I should try?



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DNS cache/registration corrupt in server and/or clients and use DNS Lint

by robo_dev In reply to Secondary DNS / Domain Co ...

You use the ipconfig /registerdns command to manually force an update of the client name registration in DNS.

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
nltest /dsregdns

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let us know if robo_devs suggestion fixes the issue

by markp24 In reply to Secondary DNS / Domain Co ...


i agree the ipconfig /flushdns and registerdns should fix it

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