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Secondary DNS server will not resolve

By weisst ·
This is the configuration:

I have setup a Windows 2000 Domain using a single server at this point and, of course, it's hosting AD DNS. Clients are able to connect to the domain and use the AD DNS records to resolve names and resource records. However, I also need to browse the internet using my ISP's DNS.

I have 10 Windows 2000 Pro clients using the AD DNS as the primary DNS server and I set the clients to use my ISP's DNS as secondary DNS server to resolve web names.

The problem is that I cannot resolve any web names with this configuration, only my internal AD DNS names. When I tell the clients to use the ISP's DNS as primary and AD DNS as secondary, I can resolve web names but not internal private AD DNS names.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one?

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Technical opportunities

by cshaw In reply to Secondary DNS server will ...

Hello all, my brother is a technical recruiter out of the Boston area. He is looking for QA engineers amongst other techies. I am currently employed so I am not able to take him up on his offer. If anyone is in need of a job opportunity in the Boston area, shoot him an email and I'm sure he will be able to help you out. -Steve S.

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I hate spammers

by weisst In reply to Technical opportunities

Come on buddy, recruiters are a dime a dozen..

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Win2k DNS

by Bobby Gillette In reply to Secondary DNS server will ...

Do you have your DNS server set up as a forwarder to your ISP's DNS? Once you do that if your DNS server can't resolve the hostname it automatically forwards the query to your ISP's DNS (which will handle the request).

Good luck (Win2k DNS is a strange beast)


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Forwarding on Win2k DNS

by weisst In reply to Win2k DNS

Unless I hack the registry, forwarding is not an option for Active Directory intergrated DNS. I also setup a stand-alone DNS set to forward DNS either to the AD DNS server or to my ISP and I do not get a response from either one. In fact, when I use Network Monitor to capture packets, even the standalone DNS doesn't send any queries out.

I've got a black hole somewhere.

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DNS uses first server it can reach

by cavedweller In reply to Secondary DNS server will ...

DNS clients check the listed servers from top to bottom until they find one they can communicate with. That server must be able to answer all queries.

If the first DNS server doesn't have the answer they don't check with any other server!

Your DNS servers must be set up to forward unknown requests to a 'parent' domain DNS server.

Generally the only difference between your local Primary and Secondary DNS servers it that the Primary server is 'authoritative' for your local domain and the Secondary server(s) obtain and update their local zone data from it. The secondary server(s) must also be set to forward to the same 'parent' domain server as the local Primary server.

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