Secondary hard drive problems

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I have a desk top computer with 2 hard drives, one for programs/OS and the other for files. The hard drive with the files stopped functioning correctly. I can see the drive in Explorer but when I try to view the contents I'm asked to format the drive. What is the best approach to recover this files?

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Well the first thing is to see if the HDD is actually working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Secondary hard drive prob ...

You can try the Drive makers Testing Utility which you can download from the Drive Maker or use the Ultimate Boot CD which has the more common Test Utilities on it. It is available for download here


To fully test the HDD you need to test it in place and if it fails that test remove it fit it to another computer & test again. If it still fails it has gone to Silicon Heaven and is dead but if it passes the second Test the M'Board, Data lead or Power Supply is faulty in your original Computer. This will require repairing as necessary.

If the HDD is dead your only real option is to send it to a Data Recovery House and pay the money to see what they can recover. This isn't cheap but they are fairly effective.

If the M'Board or Data Lead is faulty it is possible that the Data is intact on the HDD and that it just can not be read so fitting it to a External USB Caddy will result in you being able to access your data without problems.

However if the Power Supply is faulty it is possible that the HDD has been corrupted and your Data is lost owing to a corruption of the Partition Tables. If this is the case here you can recover your Data by the use of Data Recovery Software or by sending it to a Data Recovery House. If the Data is Important send it to as Professional to recover as if you mess with it you run the risk of doing far more damage and costing yourself considerably more to recover less Data.

However if it would only be Nice to recover the Data and you have no Backup you can try one of the Data Recovery Applications and see what it can recover. These range from a few $ to well over 1K depending on what you chose to use. A short list of the better Applications is here














While the last 2 are from the same company they are very different products. Win Hex should only be considered foe use by someone who knows Hex Inside Out while Davory is a great cheap General Purpose Application.

Personally I prefer the On Track Option but it's anything but cheap. However products like Spin Rite from Gibson Research and Stella have good reputations by other TR Members.


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