Secondary monitor doesn't display.

By mastertexan ·
I've got a second monitor that we use in our office for slideshow presentations that starts up on boot, but it doesn't display anything after the computer is up and running.

Computer: HP Pavilion 515x
Main Monitor: HP Pavilion mx70
Secondary Monitor: Envision 7100si

Computer data:
OS: Windows XP Home, SP2
CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron
RAM: 760 MB
VPU 1: Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics card w/up to 64MB shared video memory
VPU 2: NVidia GeForce FX5200

The Setup:
Monitor 1 is plugged into the Integrated VPU.
Monitor 2 is plugged into the NVidia GeForce via several extension cables.
Monitor 2 sits on top of the desk so clients can see anything we need to show them (I make custom wallpapers of our listings so clients can see them we they come in to our office.)

And now the problem...
When we start the computer, the Windows startup screen actually displays on the Secondary Monitor (Envision 7100si). Once the computer is out of the bootup sequence, the desktop correctly appears on the main monitor (mx70). However, the secondary monitor is no longer displaying anything but a black screen and the light is lit, green. To work around the problem, we have to simply turn off the monitor and turn it back on. This seems to only happen after the computer has been shut down for a while (overnight). I can re-start the computer and the secondary monitor will start right up without any problems.

I've rolled back/updated the drives to no avail. This problem has only been going on now for about a month.

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Are these both DVI connected or Analog?

by robo_dev In reply to Secondary monitor doesn't ...

Some nvidia adapters tend to get 'stuck' in analog mode or get confused when a DVI-A cable is used.

One of the fixes apparently is something along the lines of resetting the PC bios and boot with a analog monitor connected.

google on 'nvidia no dvi output'

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DVI vs. Analog

by mastertexan In reply to Are these both DVI connec ...

I went back and hit restore defaults in the NVidia menu (I haven't ever changed anything anyway) so we'll see what that does. Also looked to see where we had the monitor plugged in and its in the blue analog port...

Googled "nvidia no dvi output" and found an nvidia forum with similar problems. I'm still prusing the aticles/forums.

Any help is still appreciated...

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