secure a LAN from unauthorised access

By LakmalSR ·
Some users are taking their personal laptops and just connect the network cable to the laptop then its automatically assin a ip address gateway and connect to my Lan in that way thay can access my server files and internet i want to block this. pls tell me how to block

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theres a few ways

by markp24 In reply to secure a LAN from unautho ...

You could do mac address filtering
Make a policy stating there shouldnt be personal equitpment on the lan, you could use a proxy and log the systems report the Log to HR

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Reponse To Answer

by LakmalSR In reply to theres a few ways

How to do mac address filtering using win 2003 server i'am not using any cisco switches or routers just a normal d-link switches only

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to theres a few ways

If the server is the DHCP server, then you can add a list of all the approved computers MAC addresses, and assign them specific ips too

here are instructions

hope this helps

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Enterprise Environment?

by IcebergTitanic In reply to secure a LAN from unautho ...

If this is an enterprise (business) environment, then there are several things to do.

As noted above, there should be a formal policy in place regarding personal equipment on the network.

If it is necessary to actually secure the network (such as a bank network for example), then you should probably also look at port security. Higher-end switches such as the Cisco (and presumably other major manufacturers) can lock down ports so that they only allow certain MAC addresses, or only allow the first mac address that talks to the port. If there is a violation, the switch can automatically shut off the port to prevent access.

You can also look at 802.1x authentication for security at the port level.

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