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    Secure boot not present in bios


    by jet1299 ·

    I’m an avid gamer and recently bought a desktop computer to better my gaming experience. I found that i cannot play most of my games on this pc due to tpm2.0 and secure boot not being enabled or supported. Ive spent weeks researching what to do and every method, in short, just tells me to go into my bios and enable it. However, the issue is that secure boot isnt there in my bios. Everything ive seen shows that it should be there in my security or boot tab of bios, but it isnt there. I cannot seem to find anything to help me firgure out why secure boot isnt there. Its not that its greyed out and i can’t edit it, i mean like it litterally isnt there, not even an option.

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      Re: secure boot not in BIOS

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Secure boot not present in bios

      That seems a question for the shop that sold it to you. They should know why it hasn’t. Maybe because it’s too old?

      It would be helpful if you tell more about the hardware such as model of the PC, what motherboard and how old it is, what version of what BIOS it has and what OS it runs.

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      Going to need the make, model and revision of

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Secure boot not present in bios

      1. Motherboard.
      3. Which Windows?

      I do know folk are installing Windows 11 without the TPM using RUFUS or other methods. The result would be complaints like yours.

      The real fixes are:
      1. Replace the motherboard with one that supports Windows 11 without those HACKS.
      2. Install Windows 10 and know the support will end soon.

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      Reply To: Secure boot not present in bios

      by Harisamer214 ·

      In reply to Secure boot not present in bios

      I understand your frustration. It can be very frustrating when you can’t find a setting that you need in your BIOS.

      Maybe your motherboard might not support Secure Boot your BIOS might be outdated.

      To update your BIOS, you can download the latest BIOS update from the manufacturer’s website and follow the instructions. you can change your BIOS mode, you can usually find the setting in the BIOS’s Boot tab.

      If you have checked all of these things and Secure Boot is still not in your BIOS, then you might need to contact your motherboard manufacturer for support.

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