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Secure CD-ROM

By terry ·

I was wondering if any could tell me if there is software out there that would prevent someone from copying the contents of a CD_ROM. The CD contains Flash files.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Secure CD-ROM

You could encrypt the file and have it password protected. Sure, they can still copy it, but you made sure they bought at least one copy ;-)

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by Dr Dij In reply to Secure CD-ROM

all the game cd-roms (most of them) and many others use hardware copy protection. this works because built into all cd-rom drives ever sold (except a few at factories that reproduce cd-roms) is circuit to skip copying of sectors marked this way. that's why, if you buy an electronic-arts game, copy it at home, it will appear to copy fine but will not run.

it appears people like to steal, when one company introduced this they were worried it would increase returns for some reason, running at that time 6-7%. after they started selling software with the copy protection installed, returns dropped to 2-3%; they figured out that alot of people installed the game on home PC then returned the disk, which they stopped doing when they couldn't run the software w/o cd-rom.

there are companies that sell development kits to help you do this quickly and that also can replicate the disks for you in bulk with the copy protection sectors on them. (regular cd-replicators won't copy these sectors)

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by j-jireh In reply to Secure CD-ROM

I'm looking at sofware from called SecureCD. It prevents copying to another device, screen printing, printing, etc. It requires the use of their special reader software, which is a bit of a bummer, but that's how they enforce the security. Unfortunately, it doesn't encrypt tool. They should add that.

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by wlbowers In reply to Secure CD-ROM

Sorry to tell you but anything that is worth anything and loaded on a cd has been hacked and copied.

You can spend a fortune trying to secure your product.

The most secure is a hardware key that is installed on the computer and if it is not there the files cannot run or be decrypted.

Good Luck


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