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    Secure deletetion of files

    by luxbob ·


    Im currently using a Macbook Air with a SSD. I have used the machine for work and are now planning to sell it.
    However, some of the work related files are strictly confidential and I need to be sure they are deleted.
    I’ve done the classical noob-move and have moved them to trash and then emptied the trash bin. But during may best effort googling the matter it seems like there are billions of third part programs who can recover the files. I think it was like High Sierra or something that hade the secure empty trash option which is now removed.
    Follwing link:
    Gives an option where one can use the terminal but if I understood the article right it only works for HDD?
    So, is there anyone here who know a way where I can be certain the files that I have “deleted” are actually deleted or should i just give up the idea of selling the computer?
    Thank you in advance!

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      Depends on how Important the files actually are

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Secure deletetion of files

      The simple fact of the matter is no matter what you do it is ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO RECOVER DATA OFF A DRIVE.

      On Track recovered data off a drive that was on a Space Shuttle that exploded on re-entry and they recovered a drive that had sat at the bottom of a swamp for several months after it was exposed to Atmosphere at height and speed as the craft broke up.

      Granted it wasn’t a cheap recovery but it was still cheaper than attempting to repeat what the drive was monitoring in space.

      The easiest thing to do is if you really want to sell the unit is replace the Drive I remember a case years ago where a Government Department thought that they had destroyed all data on a drive only to have it all recovered very easily after they sold the machines and the Government Agencies Clients where contacted with an offer to sell them their Data as held by the Health Department, needless to say the Government paid millions for that stuff up and it did show that because someone used a computer did not mean that they knew how to use them properly.

      For Critical Data I always replace the drive and then pull the old drive apart remove the platters and destroy them things are a lot harder with SSD’s as you can not do that but it is also easier to destroy them so very few can recover any data off them just throw them into a fire and toast them as at the moment that is all that is required.

      If you do not want to spend the money don’t sell the unit or sell it without a drive in it only way to be certain that you do not loose any Critical Data.

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        I guess to important

        by luxbob ·

        In reply to Depends on how Important the files actually are

        Thanks for the reply!
        Wow, I had no idea that was the case and I should definitely had been more careful. Your reply was really an eye opener. Lucky me that I did not sell the unit before I at least checked around.
        Maybe I am late to this insight but for just a couple of days ago I really thought deleting them would actually delete them but now I realize that is not the case.

        Once again, Thanks!

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