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secure Internet link to external server is redirected to Explorer

By psgconsult ·
I have a program, LivePerson, that has links to their server (https:\\ After clicking on the hyperlink the program should go to the secure server and automatically log in with user-ID and password (that are stored in the LivePerson Data in tghe registry).
I have two computers running on windows XP. One links through fine and opens Internet Explorer (IExplore), the other makes a "connection" to the local explorer (Explorer) and shows the folder content of Live Person (C:program files\liveperson\*.*).
I checked file types but nothing wrong there. I tried with Firefox, but same effect.
I changed in file types ?Ieplorer? by? WinWord?, but also then explorer opens.

I asked the technical help desk of LivePerson, but after 2 weeks of study and trying they couldn't find a solution and blamed windows XP itself.
When I connect by typing the URL in IE7 the connection is made without problems (but of course without the automatic log in).
What is wrong and can it be repaired without re-installing Windows (that was the advice of LivePerson!).

Other checks I made:
All possible related FileTypes are correctly configured: all URL's, HTM and HTML.

I removed IE7. No problem and as expected IE6 took its place.
Tried of course what happens in IE6: again no hyperlink to IExplore but as before the c:\program files\liveperson map was opened with the windows explorer module.
So I reinstalled IE7 hoping that reinstalling the core files and settings would solve the problem!

Somehow Windows doesn't connect the hyperlink in LivePerson to the URL / HTM file type.
On another computer it runs OK and if I change there the HTM file type to f.i. WinWord that program is opened when clicking on the hyperlink.
When I do the same in the problem computer nothing else happens than opening the liveperson directory on the local machine.

I installed the debug file WinInet.dll on both computers; in the problem PC the log showed only 5 basic lines without interesting information; in the other one de whole log-in process could be found.
I also started Iexplore with the parameter ?extoff but as expected (it doesn?t look like a IE problem) no link could be made.
How can we get Windows / LivePerson to recognize the hyperlink?

(If I try to open a secure hyperlink in another program like Outlook, it works fine. Here I also tried to change the file type to WinWord: then it opens in Word as it should be expected)

Can anybody make something out of this mess?

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