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    Secure Mobile Disaster Recovery


    by eddiegurero ·

    Our IT administrators carry laptops that allow them to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. The company?s data security policies prohibit corporate data from residing on non-company?s hardware.

    Loss of laptops leads to financial losses. Therefore, we need to create a highly secure disaster recovery and business resumption solution for IT administrators in a highly mobile form factor.

    Please suggest a solution.

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      Secure Mobile Disaster Recovery

      by eddiegurero ·

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      Since the laptops contain sensitive data, they are more susceptible to loss or theft. Some un-identified risks associated with, are like:

      ? The replacement cost of the lost laptop hardware

      ? A complex and urgent process of determining what data may have been compromised

      ? Competitive and legal risks of unauthorized use of corporate data by a competitor or third party

      The problem is very severe and need some immediate solution, please help.

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      Secure Mobile Disaster Recovery

      by enriclopez ·

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      I also travel a lot, between different clients and keep a lot of info in my toolbox/laptop. I’ve looked into this some time ago, because I was also worried about loss of data. And found some great products that do custom backups. I would suggest looking into this. Personally I’m using Acronis True Image Home to backup to an alternate server. It worked for me… But look into it and see what works for you and your company.

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      Secure Mobile Disaster Recovery

      by samsmith6866 ·

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      we need highly secure data recovery moblile which can load many of files.

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