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By rbees ·
I would like to be able to check my voice mail online. A big plus would be to get the voice mail as a sound file that I could save to the clients data folder.

I see that there are a couple of services that will provide this service. I just have this thing about providing my number and password to some online service and having my data stored on their servers.

Any advice? Verizon cell & Linux computers

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As Voice Main is inherently unsafe to begin with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to secure online voice mail

I wouldn't be overly concerned with handing out the details. If you are a person of Interest or any of your clients are the odds are that their Voice Mail has been hacked already by the Gutter Press who seem to be doing this in a wide spread form across most of the world.

As reported recently on a TV Show all that is required is to have 2 phones and you ring the number when it answerers ring the same number on the second phone and then you have the Voice Mail Store. Enter 0000 and your in if the person has not changed their Password. If they have you get your friendly PI to pay someone at the Telco for the password.

School Kids are doing this in the school yard on a daily basis as a Play Toy into their friends Voice Mail.


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by rbees In reply to secure online voice mail

secure was not the correct term. I am actually looking for recommendations for the service from others about the ones they have tried and their thoughts about the service.

I am pretty sure that I am not a person of interest but some of my clients may be, so...

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