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    Secure systems without breaking the bank


    by debate ·

    What tools are in your security toolbox? What other tools do you recommend? How difficult do you think it is to secure systems on a budget? Share your comments about securing systems without breaking the bank, as discussed in the Dec. 5 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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      My security in a family computer

      by cohrt ·

      In reply to Secure systems without breaking the bank

      Frequent updates,Norton antivirus program, ZoneAlarm.It seems to work, but one could never be sure

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        by garydw ·

        In reply to My security in a family computer

        Any time I build a machine I always run F-Port over it and include the results in the documentation.

        F-Port is a utility that will show you what ports are open and which application ‘owns’ them.

        Very, very useful.

        An old favourite is NC, This truly is the ‘swiss-army’ knife of IP.

        Gary Williams.

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      good old fashion know how

      by hobotec ·

      In reply to Secure systems without breaking the bank

      I believe in these types of articles and give tec. republic a big thumbs up for continiuing the war of information theft deterent straigies.
      I really only have one magior thing that I feel I must point out and that is, perhaps you should go into more depth without makeing your article spots to much lager.
      Also to supplement this I would also like to say we as the consmers of such products free or not, take more time to know about the tools we are implementing.(even if not our department to know)
      Once agin thanks and continue on.

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