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Securing a good earning job in IT

By jtsystems ·
I have been involved in IT all my life, I am 23 and had the luxury of having the use of a computer from a young age.

by 11 I had self taught my self HTML coding, I then focused my qualifications on IT completing an Intermediate IT GNVQ at 16 and completing an IT AVCE at 18.

I got a little side tracked through the years and have spent 6 years in sales, started in IT, then into Document management and now in a mountain bike company.

I guess my question is I have side tracked my self from my original goal which is to be an IT Professional.

My current focus is to become a Networking consultant, potentially with a focus in security.

I have recently started an evening course for a Cisco CCNA, but was wondering how to make sure I secure a well paid job.

There is no better place to ask than a place full of professionals so I hope that you are able to provide some insight into how to complete my objective.

Thanks for your time.



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Answer this question

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Securing a good earning j ...

if you wanted to sell IT tech careers in the current marketplace, what would be the hooks?

Not money, is it?

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Re Tony...

by jtsystems In reply to Answer this question

Sorry, not sure if I understand your question?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Re Tony...

Your question was bag of oxymorons.

Secure and IT Role..

IT and earn good money...

If you enjoy tech take the CCNA, look for a technical sales role, or field support.

You've six years of real world customer facing skills, presumably in the usual high pressure sales and environment and you want to compete with a bunch of desperate college leavers and our friends in India and China, Poland, Albania etc and poke about in the back of a router?

That is barking mad!

Leverage your current skill set, sales mentality and customer facing are things they want propeller heads to have, it's what they'll pay for, not the techy stuff.

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Barking mad

by jtsystems In reply to Hmmm

Sorry you really are taking a totally different view point on this situation.

I currently have 6 years experience, yes. How does that change the fact I want to be a network consultant?

I want to secure a qualified role for career protection. Direct sales you are only good as your last deal as a consultant your more specialist and as such have a better worth.

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There's no such thing as a secure IT role

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Barking mad

Aside from the pace of change and endemic ageism, outsourcing, cloud. IT is seen as cost. Costs get reduced or obviated..

If your objectives are a decent living and job security, IT is a non-starter.

Being a succesful IT consultant is more about selling yourself than the tech anyway. If you are interested and want the change, then go down the tech sales / field support route.

Something to bear in mind if a saleman is only remebered for his last good sale, a tech is always remembered for his last failure....

And there will be failures, it's part of the game.

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