Securing a webcam stream

By jimmy-jam ·
This is an elementary question I hope.

I want to set up a webcam at the house and stream video from it over the internet. I don't want the whole world to be able to see just me or those I so designate. Can anyone tell me or if nothing else point me to some documentation on how I might accomplish this?


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A service, an application, or adding it to existing site

by robo_dev In reply to Securing a webcam stream

1) A webcam service can typically also make video-calls and also have video-mail. A service is the most secure and the easiest:

Yahoo messenger

2) An application is the most high performance, but can be more complex, and could create security issues if not done correctly:

3) Add webcam feed to existing web page:

Of course you can just configure your web cam to feed video up to any web page that you have online....


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by Saurondor In reply to Securing a webcam stream

I guess we can look at this in two ways. One is securing access and other is securing the data stream from packet sniffing.

You can achieve the first by setting up some type of access control on the camera if it comes with it. If it does not then you'll have to setup camera security for it in some other way. I guess installing something like a proxy and having that manage your access control would work. Then map some port to the camera's video stream port.

Securing the stream from sniffing after you've secured the access could be achieved either by streaming over SSL or using a SSH tunnel.

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Subscription only webcam "services"??

by Bizzo In reply to Securing a webcam stream

Didn't realise you were into <i><b>that</b></i> kind of service!

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Monty Python Skit: Nudge Nudge

by robo_dev In reply to Subscription only webcam ...

I bet she does,I bet she does say no more, say no more, knowwhatahmean, nudge nudge? :) :)


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Winks as good as a nod

by jimmy-jam In reply to Monty Python Skit: Nudge ...

Your wife does she go eh?

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See, I knew someone would go there... Just figured it would be JD

by jimmy-jam In reply to Subscription only webcam ...

Once I get this figured out my next question was going to be if I wanted to record the feed how much hard drive space would I need to keep 24-48 hours worth of footage.

There has been some foul play happening at the Jimmy-Jam ranch and I not only want to be able to peek in from time to time but I want to be able to record the feed to turn over to the local police once I catch these litte ba$tards.

Local ordinances forbid me from building booby traps

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I have been framed! :0

by jdclyde In reply to See, I knew someone would ...

Innocent, that is me! 0:-)

First, the camera system should allow and require a login for the web stream.

Second, are you going to have the video run non-stop, or use motion sensor?

I am working on getting a similar setup here at work, but without the video stream (for now). If the three cameras record everything, I am looking about 4 gigs a day. If motion sensor, about 40 megs.

As soon as I figure out how large of a hard drive the older pc will support, I will be adding a second drive for all of the video to be recorded to.


Of course, the resolution and number of frames per second will effect your file size. All you can really do is turn it on for 24 hours and see what you are looking at.

~he said "booby", hee hee hee!

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Right now I'm thinking constant

by jimmy-jam In reply to I have been framed! :0

Based on where I am going to have to mount it/them I'm not sure motion sensors will be a good choice.

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Connect them to the light switch

by jdclyde In reply to Right now I'm thinking co ...

then when people enter the bathroom and turn on the lights, they will start to record for you..... :0

You are one sick puppy....

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:^0 :^0

by jimmy-jam In reply to Connect them to the light ...

I never would have thought of that!

Thanks JD I'll see you get a free membership.

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