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    Securing Data Frame From Rodents


    by dmambo ·

    Today, for the 2nd time in a year and a half, a rodent (probably a mouse) has chewed through a fiber strand and cut off a portion of my plant from the outside world. The fiber enclosure is pretty tight, but the foam covering the access holes has not been able to stop them and, apparently, the sheathing on the fiber strands is pretty tasty. Also, the closet the frame is in was littered with peanut shells. When I find out who’s been leaving the peanuts out, I’ll kick his butt.

    In the meantime, I put a door sweep at the foot of the door and stuffed any openings in the conduits with fiberglass. The ceiling tiles are pretty tight in the frames, but people who come in very early tell me they can hear the little devils scurrying around above the ceiling. I have had mouse traps in the room since last time, and I killed one of the buggers when I first put them out, but over time, I stopped checking. Any suggestions for keeping the Vermin Cong out of the closet? I was thinking about mothballs, but I’m concerned that the naptha smell will drive people mad and also over time might degrade the jackets of the cat 5 or fiber cables. What other solutions are out there?

    Also, please only post the smart alec comments if they’re REALLY funny. I’m not much in a joking mood right now. 🙁

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      Mouse traps and landlords

      by geobeck ·

      In reply to Securing Data Frame From Rodents

      Mouse traps are probably your best bet for now, but a rodent infestation is the building owner’s problem as well as your company’s (assuming your company doesn’t own the building). Swim upstream and find the right area of management to get on this problem.

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      Peanut Butter

      by skidoggeruk ·

      In reply to Securing Data Frame From Rodents

      Sorry, had to laugh when I saw this. I know it must not be funny for you though.

      Funnily enough I have previously found evidence of mice in my storeroom. They had chewed up a bunch of styrofoam from monitor boxes. Must make good bedding.

      Anyhow, the BEST bait for mousetraps, in my opinion, has got to be peanut butter. Honestly they trip over each other trying to get at it. Last time I put one of these out at my parents, (they live right next to a woods), we heard a snap within a couple minutes. I think it is super effective, cuz they have to get right into to it, not just flick bait off and run away with it. I also think that it must send out yummy come eat me kind of smells to the little creatures. Set a bunch of traps every night before you go home and clear them out every morning (and lunch?). Suppose if you have an infestation or are located next to a likely source, you could be fighting this for some time.

      Good luck

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      Armoured Fiber

      by sardukkan ·

      In reply to Securing Data Frame From Rodents

      This may cost a bit, but it would work. You can get fiber encased in the same flex metal as electrical conduit. Replace the run from the outside to the wave box. Cover the exixting holes in the wave box with metal washers and bring the armoued fiber into the box though a smaller hole and terminate the flex with a standard electrical termination in the box. Now it’s all metal comeing into the box, you would still be exposed from the box to the fiber transiver. Hope this helps.

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