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    Securing email distribution groups


    by shanna ·

    We recently upgraded from an NT4.0/Exchange 5.5 domain to a Server 2003/Exchange 2003 with Active Directory domain. Here’s where things go sideways…

    Under Exchange 5.5, the only person that could update the email distribution list memberships was the administrator. Now that we’ve upgraded, any authenticated user can now go into the distribution list through their Outlook 2003 client and add or remove members at will. (Thank goodness only one staff member has discovered this so far!)

    When the upgrade and migration to our new Exchange 2003 server occured, the distribution lists got imported & created in AD as “Distribution Group – Universal” groups, so we’ve continued to use this type of group for all our email distribution lists. Should I not be using this type of group???

    What I want to be able to do is this: Completely disable the ability of anyone other than the network administrator from updating the memberships of all our distribution groups. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to accomplish this.

    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated! HELLLLLLP!!!

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      by parthiv_13 ·

      In reply to Securing email distribution groups

      One line answer for the thing is change the rights of Users.

      Good Luck.

      And don’t forget to post comments of whatever the solution you get.

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      Reply To: Securing email distribution groups

      by mandat ·

      In reply to Securing email distribution groups

      You could set the security of the DG so that Authenticated users can
      Send to
      Read Phone and Mail Options (if you need this)

      and set the Network Admin so that they have all the rights that they need.

      Hope this helps.

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