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Securing existing office devices to best practices

By jim1548501188 ·
Hello everyone.
I am looking for feedback and help with securing and managing our company devices and network.
I am starting from the ground up here. With an existing company. I work in Ireland so I have to comply with GDPR and Irish regulations.
We have 60 employees in 2 offices mixture of window and Mac devices.
Not sure where to start and how.
I know I have to encrypt all devices, set password policys ...
This all needs to be done on existing machines with the least disruption.
I have had a look at a service called cloudjump which can do a lot but is quite pricey.
Should I instead set up our own LDAP on site.


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OK firstly as I'm in Australia I have no idea on Irish Regs.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Securing existing office ...

But with what has been in the media recently with claims that China has hit so many Hosting Services and taken the data to do with as they please I have to warn you that right at the moment it may not be the best time to rely on Written Best Practices as I think you'll find that they will be in the process of being rewritten as we speak.

Also if China has been caught you had better believe that they where not the only ones doing it so and that many other State Players have been doing the same type of thing so I think you'll find that all Managed Services are from now on a No No as they are what has been hit according to reports.

Start by resetting Passwords on all Internet Facing devices at both offices/locations as that is the most common way into a network and you have to remember that Routers/Modems are still a Computer regardless of how people think of them. Sure that are a Single Use System but still a computer running on Software that can be comporimised.

I would also be looking at encrypting the traffic between the 2 offices/locations as well as this is a point of stealing data as well as at the actual offices/locations.

I would be looking at hardening the actual Internet facing devices first and then moving to what is required by Law in your area of the World and if the so called "Beast Practices" do not involve Encrypting Data in Transit they are not suitable for your needs.

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