Securing installers in a external HD against viruses

By dukebluedevil08 ·
Here's the story, my job is to install oracle database on client's computers and I'm using a USB external HD. Most of the time, those computers has a virus on it and tends to affect my HD and of course my installer. When I go back to the office, I need to scan my HD using Kaspersky (business ed.) and once it detected virus it will delete it together with some components of my installer (depending on the virus). So do you know any solution that can make files including executable file read only so it can not be infected by virus. Or any solution about this problem. Thank you!

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If you have viruses on other computers...........

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Securing installers in a ...

Then you will need to disinfect them first before you do anything else. So make sure they are up to date with their Anti-virus software or load one on and do a good clean out.

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more info

by dukebluedevil08 In reply to If you have viruses on ot ...

yes correct, I'm doing this everytime I go to the client, I will scan first to make sure it's clean, but the problem is, sometimes when I scan and clean, it corrupts my installer laso because of these viruses. So what will I do is, I will remove my installer and copy a new one which take some time since oracle DB is big file. I need to have like a software a Flash Drive specifically to make the files read only so can't be affected ny viruses.

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You will need to completely CURE the problem first..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to more info
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This all assumes his contract with his client allows him to

by SKDTech In reply to You will need to complete ...

This all assumes his contract with his client allows him to go around running his own Anti-Virus/Spyware/Malware on their computers. If it is not part of his contract then he should bring the subject up with his clients and their IT people so they can fix their own systems.

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That's true

by dukebluedevil08 In reply to This all assumes his cont ...

Correct, and we are talking about multiple clients here. I'm thinking if there's an existing solution or software that can make the files read only inside the HD so even I open it and run my installer on the computer with virus, it will not affect my installer since it is read only.
And also, running anti virus on the client's computer is not part of my job anymore, installation of oracle only.
Thanks for all your reply by the way.

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You can make all files read only....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to That's true

.... all you have to do is right click the files, choose properties and turn on read only. That's the easy part.

BUT.... that won't prevent your external drive and your files from becoming infected. Viruses, especially the ones of today, can easily change that read only attribute without you knowing that it has been done.

If it were me, I would have a thumb drive with me which has one of the anti-virus scanners installed on it as well as installing the antivirus scanner on your oracle drive. Plug the thumb drive into any system you approach FIRST. If it doesn't pop up and say the machine is infected, stop it and disconnect it, then plug your oracle drive into the machine. If the thumb drive reports the machine is 'dirty', stop the drive and disconnect it, then contact the client and tell them what you found.... don't go any further.

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