Securing Terminal Services Licenses

By bklan123 ·
Our system is setup so that clients from different company's can make RDP connections into our server(s) to use a variety of applications. All server 2003, x86, latest services packs. The problem we have is securing our licenses. Anyone with a little know how can make an RDP connection on any computer on the Internet and pull one of our per device CALS, and its gone for 90-120 days(or something like that). there is no purging of licenses and we have no control, and it keeps getting out of hand. We run out too often, and keep purchasing more when we are supposed to bill the clients for these. we have explained to them this issue, but who wants to pay for something they don't have to? There has to be a better way to do this. How can we make it where they can't just pull a license without us knowing until we run out?

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Just a thought but...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Securing Terminal Service ...

on your firewall (I hope you are using one...) set an ACL to limit what IP's can contact your license server. No connectivity, no "stolen" license problems.

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not a complete solution

by bklan123 In reply to Just a thought but...

well, that would work, but then i would have to add the IPs of home users, and if they were not static, they would have to change their service plan with the ISP. Plus, I have a feeling that most of them come from our customers adding computers to their existing networks and not mentioning it to us, so it would still allow them to do that. I cannot believe that there is not a way to properly manage Device CALs from within the server.

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